TFC Medical Freedom Updates March 2023

With so much happening, TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is going to be publishing monthly (or weekly when possible) updatesof the most pressing news and information we come across as we get it in one place


Massachusetts Nurses Association Union calls for amnesty for all medical workers fired for declining covid vaccination! Published on page 2 paragraph 3.

The BOD updated the September 2021 COVID-19 position statement to reflect where we are at with the virus and the current vaccine/booster. Considering recent evidence, the MNA can no longer recommend mandatory vaccination of its members, particularly those who have experienced negative side effects following previous COVID-19 vaccinations/boosters. Given that research now shows that the vaccine does not prevent the new variants from being transmitted or causing infection and the originally more deadly variants are no longer the endemic or pandemic variants of concern, we recommend amnesty for staff that lost their employment. [emphasis added]

CHD TV – COVID COVERUP COMMISSION? Interview with John Gilmore on why a non-governmental bi-partisan commission to investigate covid may be a bad thing:

CHD TV – WALK FOR PEACE & FORCED VACCINATION OF CHILD Michael Kane interviews Buddhist Monk on Peace Walk and Medical Freedom. After that Kane interviews CHD Attorney Ray Flores and Natonya McNeil. A pediatrician vaccinated McNeil’s children with the covid vaccine illegally without parental consent even when the child said no. View a quick 2 minute summary of McNeil on Twitter by clicking here

NY Governor Hochul Appeals to get back Quarantine Camp Powers Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox summarizes what just happened with Hochul appealing to get back the right to detain New Yorkers suspected of being exposed to any disease, with no proof, for an indefinite amount of time, in any location the state wants, with no due process or mechanism for getting out.

RFK Jr. v. Biden Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Children’s Health Defense among others are suing President Biden and over 70 government agencies and actors for colluding with Big Tech for censorship that violates the 1st amendment. In the second half of the show, Michael Kane interviews teacher Noelle Florio who has lost her job accused of “Covid Mandate Psychosis” for refusing to wear a mask at work.

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