American White Nationalist Robert Rundo Arrested in Romania 5 Days After Beyond the Maze Claims He is US Intel Asset

American White Nationalist Robert Rundo with Fascist Insignia


Sometimes you just have to point out the ‘coincidences.’

A mere five days after Kristin Elizabeth published Stoking White Nationalism at Beyond the Maze, focusing on well-known White Nationalist Robert Rundo who is connected to racist operations such as “White Lives Matter” as well as “Patriot Front,” Rundo was arrested in Romania.

Rundo was listed by the Counter Extremism Project as the world’s fourth most wanted fugitive who appeared to be on the run, however he was insanely easy to track the entire time even by simply following his own social media posts. Nevertheless he remained uncaptured for 3 years.

That all changed five days after Stoking White Nationalism was published which made a profoundly well-documented case suggesting Rundo was allowed to roam the world free for 3 years because he is likely a US Intelligence asset. Rundo has trained with the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine and attended events held by its political wing. Azov is most certainly a US asset in its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Did someone in US Intel think Stoking White Nationalism poked too close to the truth? If so, perhaps damage-control would be to arrest Rundo before the report received too wide of an audience.

I interviewed Kristin on CHD TV in a show titled Medical Freedom Psyop where we analyzed how Kanye West ended up in the mix with a different White Nationalist, Nick Fuentes, which strongly discredited Ye as well as his support for Medical Freedom. Kristin and I also detailed Fuentes’ attempts to discredit authentic Medical Freedom grassroots activism in NYC during the show.

In Stoking White Nationalism Kristin writes prolifically to uncover relationships between rural Chatham, New York, a suspicious national (and international) network of white nationalist groups, the CIA training of some of these groups, the international intelligence community, and how racist narratives are used to benefit US Intelligence operations.

Stoking White Nationalism shines a light on the blurry lines between real racism, government-stoked racism, and how both may be used to negatively impact legitimate grassroots movements of resistance by crafting false narratives from rural New York to the Ukraine, and beyond.

May take you a few days to read this one, but it is well worth the time! – mk

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