Militarized Police Move in to Ottawa

Everyone needs to get to Canadian Consulates All Across the World! 2-18-22 In NYC we go back to the Canadian Consulate on Tuesday February 22, 2022. Times and plans to be announced. We will rally, march, and #DanceLikeCanadians Check tweets below for updates on the bleak situation in Ottawa: Nearly 3 hours of video ofContinue reading “Militarized Police Move in to Ottawa”

Major Anti-Mandate Rally on RAINBOW BRIDGE Niagara Falls 1-29-22 1pm

In Support of the Massive Anti-Mandate Canadian Truck Convoy by Michael Kane 1-28-22 As the historic Canadian Trucker Convoy is set to descend on Ottawa tomorrow, Saturday, January 29th, there is a rally scheduled on the RAINBOW BRIDGE in Niagara Falls at 1pm. Canadians will walk from one side, Americans from the other, they willContinue reading “Major Anti-Mandate Rally on RAINBOW BRIDGE Niagara Falls 1-29-22 1pm”