Michael Kane Interviewed by Laura Ingraham


I want to profoundly thank Laura Ingraham for giving me a national platform viewed by millions when she included me on this phenomenal panel. Ingraham is one of the few brave pundits in the mainstream media who allows for an honest discussion about vaccination and vaccine mandates.

So far I have only been able to locate a link on RUMBLE of the interview. If anyone finds a link of better quality please send to me at nyteachersforchoice@gmail.com



(Below is a THANK YOU letter I wrote to Laura Ingraham and her team)

Dear Laura Ingraham and the FOX Broadcasting Team:

I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE cannot possibly thank you enough for allowing me on your show. I was so excited when I read your invite as one of my heroes is Professor Brett Weinstein and I was so impressed when you brought him on your show.

This contemporary political mish-mosh period of time we find ourselves in – where genuine progressives such as myself are in allegiance with genuine conservatives on a number of critical issues – is fascinating and exciting. I have been, and will continue to be, attacked (though applauded as well) for appearing on your show but those attacks come mainly from FAKE progressives. These are people who hide behind the term “progressive” but what they truly are is REgressive. 

Thinking it is “progressive” to force an unnecessary, possibly injurious or even deadly medical procedure on someone is the height of regressive politics.

I thank you sincerely and greatly. Please reach out to me anytime for anything.

Michael Kane


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