Medical Freedom in Harlem, NYC

Photo courtesy of @soulsofamovement on Instagram

by Michael Kane


Wednesday August 17, 2022 was a spiritual experience for me uptown in NYC’s Harlem. The architect of that spiritual experience was Children’s Health Defense, the documentarians were Carlos Von Der Heyde of Souls of a Movement, Olivia Braccio, and the angels were all of my NYC Freedom Fighters.

The feeling was reminiscent of August 25, 2021, when over 3,000 Medical Freedom Fighters protested former-mayor de Blasio’s vaccine mandate for educators at City Hall in Manhattan.

We will be commemorating the one-year anniversary of that protest on Thursday, August 25, 2022. Get details HERE.

Photo courtesy of Olivia Braccio

Children’s Health Defense sponsored and funded the rally and educational outreach of the day. Coincidentally on this very same day, CHD had their Instagram channel permanently deplatformed by Meta, a corporation they are currently suing for having done the same to Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Instagram account in February of 2021.

Photo courtesy of @soulsofamovement on Instagram

Bonnie Skala Kiladitis (above) and Nwakaego Nwaifejokwu (below) are two NYC teachers fired for declining covid vaccination.

Photo courtesy of @soulsofamovement on Instagram

While we rallied in the streets, CHD launched a Twitter storm and Action Alert to further help educate everyone that Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Tish James are appealing to win back the right to setup Quarantine Camps in NY.

Photo courtesy of @soulsofamovement on Instagram

I was able to report live from Harlem to the Stew Peters Show. While I don’t agree with all of Peters reporting, he has been doing a remarkable job covering Hochul’s Quarantine Camp regulation, including an excellent interview of attorney Bobbie Anne Cox.

Over 2,000 flyers were handed out titled “STOP GOVERNOR HOCHUL’S “QUARANTINE CAMP” REGULATION.” The conversations we had with community members were remarkable. EVERY PERSON who honestly listened to the facts were blown away that this was occurring in New York. I spoke to a young Black woman wearing a mask walking down 125th St. who was stunned she had never heard of this before. She asked me why her college professor didn’t tell her about this: I told her she needed to educate her professor.

Our educational outreach occurred in front of a “Senior Citizens Appreciation Day” sponsored by Democratic State Senator Cordell Cleare. Hundreds of seniors were in attendance, most were wearing masks. Whether masked or not anyone of them who spoke to me about Hochul’s Quarantine Camp Regulation was very receptive and concerned. Some were outright shocked and even scared.

August is going to continue to heat up in NYC, in a good way. Make sure you come join us on August 25th as we are going to march over the Brooklyn Bridge yet again.

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