Kane v. de Blasio in the NY Times!

Why Judges Keep Recusing Themselves From a N.Y.C. Vaccine Mandate Case

The city’s teachers, who sued over vaccine requirements, said the judges assigned to the case owned thousands of dollars of Covid-19 vaccine-maker stock, which could affect their rulings.

7 thoughts on “Kane v. de Blasio in the NY Times!

  1. Did the NYT toss us a crumb, as they do on occasion? That is, was it a fair discussion of the case?

    (I do not choose to register w/The New York Slimes just to read a usually-exasperating article there once in a while!)

    Maybe someone would please copy and paste the whole content of the article — not just a link — onto the “Together Fighting for G-d” WhatsApp group and/or here on the website?



  2. Are there any fair unbiased Judges out there? I was in the class action Lawsuit with Rachel Maniscalco. The Supreme Court would not hear our case on Religious Exemption. They probably all have stock in the Vaccines. I will just keep the prayers going for all workers who were fired because of this unconstitutional mandate!🕊


  3. I have lost nine months of pay, and that’s not even including the two summer months.
    My entire purpose in life was robbed from me due to this unpaid leave and unconstitutional mandate. My students are everything to me and I consider them to be my children.
    Teaching art to students is all I have ever wanted to do in my life. I have helped my students achieve success with their art for fifteen years. I have donated hours without pay for months and months, year after year, creating artwork for the schools and setting up student art shows that always contain thousands of pieces of student work. My students deserve to have their creative efforts recognized and I have never given up on them. My students’art shows have been filmed for Public Television and also for newspapers.
    My religious exemption and constitutional rights were denied.
    The “vaccinated” are still spreading COVID to others.
    Again, the “vaccinated” are still spreading all types of variants to others. Numerous Broadway shows, cruise ships and special events continue to have COVID cases even though the people who were present at those events were”vaccinated”. Educational staff in the schools are still spreading COVID even though they have been “vaccinated”.
    Taking one’s job away due to one not taking an experimental injection from a company that can not be held liable for injury, is truly evil.
    Denying an American’s religious right is unconstitutional.
    The crime in New York City as well as the inflation rate are increasing but the job market has decreased.
    God bless all of you, our students, teachers, their parents and all educational staff.
    My grandfather faught against the Nazis and communism. All of the blood from both those soldiers has been spit on by the peop have implemented the mandate.
    Again, We The People.
    Thank you.


    1. Christine and Dina: You are not alone! There are hundreds (if not more) of us who are in the same boat. The truth WILL come out, please God!


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