Why fully vaccinated educators must leave the AFT and UFT

AFT & UFT are nothing but partners of the BioSecurity State

Learn how to leave the UFT HERE

by Michael Kane


The UFT teachers union in NYC and its national umbrella AFT have already decided the following:

  • Vaccination every 6 months is now a “way of life” for their members
  • Anyone who is ‘unvaccianted’ doesn’t deserve employment in America
  • Biometric systems in schools should be implemented
  • Universal masking in schools should be permanent
  • Unions are not obligated to protect individual civil liberties
  • Unions don’t serve their members, they serve the DNC and the Biosecurity State

To all of my fully vaccinated brothers and sisters in education I implore you to look at this list and ask yourself if this is the country, the community and the school system you want to be a part of. IF it is not, then you must LEAVE THE UFT & AFT RIGHT NOW!

AFT President Randi Weingarten and UFT President Michael Mulgrew will likely say I am lying to you. I am not. I am merely looking at the evidence in front of me and analyzing it using critical thinking skills; the skills we are supposed to teach our students.

Mulgrew and Weingarten have in fact proven themselves to be untrustworthy liars. For example 7 months ago Michael Mulgrew publicly stated vaccination was a “personal decision” for educators to make. Today he is actively negotiating away the jobs of his members who are unvaccianted. In addition Randi Weingarten has fired all unvaccianted staff in AFT buildings. So if you decide to not get the barely-one-year-old covid vaccine and you are a custodian in an AFT building you are now unemployed.

And for educators it will not be just the covid vaccine.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorney Sujata Gibson in the recently filed complaint KANE vs DE BLASIO has uncovered the following frightening reality of the NYC DOE vaccination policy:

  1. A frightening aspect of this provision is that it seems to indicate that the Vaccine Mandate is not meant to be a temporary response to an emergency, but is here to stay, through years of anticipated booster shot requirements and impositions on employee’s right to determine the course of their own healthcare. Indeed, the Vaccine Mandate does not actually specify that it applies only to COVID-19 vaccination at all. (emphasis added)

Soon enough MMR, DTaP, Flu and many more vaccines will be requirements to be employed as an educator in NYC and in all AFT schools across America. You may think you already got those shots as a child, but CDC has an adult recommended schedule as well. Its coming, I’ve been warning of this since 6 months BEFORE anyone even heard the term covid-19. (most of the 50,000 people who have signed our petition against vaccine mandates for educators don’t even realize it never mentions covid and was first published in July of 2019)

You are being lied to.

Vaccine mandates are not about covid or public health or any “emergency.” They are about Big Pharma profits and your union is on Big Pharma’s side, not your side.

It’s important to note that the CDC has recently rejected approving covid booster shots for people under the age of 65 unless you are an educator!

The CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky quietly (and somewhat secretly) amended the CDC decision slightly after midnight with the stroke of her pen approving booster shots for all educators in America. That’s fine if it is your choice to get it, but that’s not what this is. Dr. Walensky knows there is a budding market of forced vaccinated teachers and what she is doing is a favor to her Big Pharma buddies. I am sure one day in the future she will be handsomely rewarded by Big Pharma through the revolving door politics many past CDC Directors have enjoyed (i.e. they get high paying jobs in major pharmaceutical companies).

Mark my word on this, AFT teachers across America will all be required to get covid boosters every 6 months and eventually every 3 months (explanation on 3 months below). I know many teachers who are fully vaccinated today that won’t be considered “fully” vaccinated in weeks or months. Many of them had bad reactions to their first or second round of covid vaccination. Many don’t want to get vaccinated again.

Too bad!

If you want to keep your job, you will get vaccinated whether you want to or not! Whehter it helps you or not! And never mind that CDC Director Walensky has stated covid vaccines do not stop the transmission of SARS CoV-2. Nevermind those pesky facts; THIS is the new “New York City” that you are paying your union, the UFT, to create.

In addition in Albany, NY lawmakers are getting ready to discuss Biometric systems in all New York schools – retina scans, facial recognition, digital biometric identiy on blockchain, tracking devices and much worse. The UFT and NYSUT are positioned to support much of this insanity as well. You can read all about that right HERE

The UFT which was once a respectable union representing the interests of it’s members is now nothing more than a partner of the Biosecurity State. I am not telling you to leave the union over one vaccine, I am telling you to do so because our “union” is now the enemy of fundamental rights. They cannot even be called a “union” any longer. They are a despicalbe and deplorable organization; an enemy to working people everywhere who support fundamental rights and civil liberties.

Learn how to safely leave the UFT at the following link HERE

Shots Every 3 Months, Quarterly Injections to Teach

When Pfizer first entered their application to the FDA they were honest – they stated they could only guarantee 3 months of immunity from their covid vaccine. That means Pfizer will eventually recommend boosters every 3 months, so,

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter,,

Shot, shot, shot, shot…

If you are a brand new teacher planning to teacher for the next 25 years that would be 100 covid shots injected during your career. Obviously there is zero science on what impact such massive vaccination will have on anyone’s health and well being, but never mind that; it never stopped the Biosecurity State before!

I know many people who have gotten vaccinated and now say they will never do it again due to severe adverse reactions they experienced. A relative of mine said they will not get the booster because whatever the first two shots did was certainly “not good” for their body, and they refuse to go through that again.

This is why if you are an educator in NYC you MUST leave the UFT NOW!

The UFT does not care what happens to your individual health, only that you comply with the new mandates they support. UFT President Michael Mulgrew has completely thrown away his fiduciary responsibility to represent his membership and is instead snuggling up to Big Pharma and Democratic leadership in Albany and D.C. And of course his “boss” Randi Weingarten, President of the AFT, is far worse.

If you stay with the union now that means you agree with authoritarians who believe politicians should be your doctor and that you play a minimal-to-no role in your own healthcare choices. This is Medical Fascism. Michael Mulgrew and Randi Weingarten have decided to give their support to an authoritarian model of public health for all educators. The *only* thing that can stop them now is economic warfare. We tried to negotiate with them. We tried to influence them. We tried compromise with them. They told us to fuck off.

Are those the type of people whose salaries you want to continue to pay?

Some are saying we should stay and wait till the election in June of 2022 and vote Mulgrew out as UFT President. I completely disagree. The only action that matters for those who care about being able to make their own healthcare decisions with their own doctor – and still be gainfully employed – is to leave the UFT, AFT, and all affiliates.

Learn how to leave the UFT HERE

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