CHD Sues NYC DOE and Mayor de Blasio for School Closures and Coerced Medical Testing

12-18-2020 For weeks, New York Teachers For Choice has been in daily communication with attorneys for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) regarding the lawsuit they just filed on Wednesday. This case is not related to KANE vs. NYC DOE; it is a completely separate case with a completely different set of attorneys and completely different argumentsContinue reading “CHD Sues NYC DOE and Mayor de Blasio for School Closures and Coerced Medical Testing”

Parents Against Mandatory COVID Testing

Lawsuit will be filed this week! by Michael Kane 12-7-20 Today is the first day back to school in NYC for many children under the age of 10, as well as children with severe disabilities. NYC DOE is saying if parents do not consent to in-school COVID testing their children will be removed from in-personContinue reading “Parents Against Mandatory COVID Testing”

NYC DOE Publishes New COVID Testing Guidelines

12-5-2020 Up until yesterday we have speculated whether the New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) will actually place teachers on unpaid leave for refusing in-school COVID testing, and if students will actually be removed if their parents don’t consent. On Friday (yesterday), the NYC DOE published new guidelines on in-school COVID testing whichContinue reading “NYC DOE Publishes New COVID Testing Guidelines”

Refusing NYC In-School COVID Testing or Consenting With a Contingency

12-4-2020 Overall these forms are being rejected by the NYC DOE. That is why we are filing a lawsuit as early as Friday, December 11, 2020. Learn more about that lawsuit HERE. *** Below we offer two options for resisting ‘mandatory’ COVID testing in NYC schools for both staff and students (parents): (1) Signing yourContinue reading “Refusing NYC In-School COVID Testing or Consenting With a Contingency”