UFT Pressures NY State To Break Federal Law For Their COVID Testing Regime

by Michael Kane


In just one day, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) was able to get New York State to change their guidance on student COVID testing. This is in violation of federal law because PCR COVID tests are not FDA approved, rather they operate under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and it is illegal to mandate such emergency medical products.

The guidance originally stated that COVID testing could not be a requirement for students to attend in-person schooling. Now the revised statement adds “unless local health authorities direct schools otherwise.” Naturally, the local NYC Health Commissioner strongly recommends mandatory in-school COVID testing.

Nevertheless, ultimately it will be AVILES vs DE BLASIO which will have the final say.

That case is in federal court and has yet to be decided. This bizarre turn of events, where the state abandons NYC – only to save them with a 7-word addendum – does not look good for NYC Schools in federal court (in my humble opinion).

Stay tuned to http://www.nyteachersforchoice.com, as much is happening and changing everyday.

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