TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Resolution Against All Vaccine and Health Passports

Resolution #2 This resolution has been passed by the NY TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Steering Committee, http://www.nyteachersforchoice.org,  4-27-21 WHEREAS vaccine and health passports are increasing all across the globe for human beings to travel freely and participate in society; WHEREAS such passes or passports are guaranteed to create a new “privileged class” of citizenry, and thus a new “underContinue reading “TEACHERS FOR CHOICE Resolution Against All Vaccine and Health Passports”

Vaccine Passports are the New “Show Me Your Papers”

Vaccine Tracking is WORSE Than Forced Vaccination by Michael Kane 3-29-21 As New York becomes the first state to roll out a vaccine and COVID-testing passport called “Excelsior Pass,” the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) says no NYC teacher has to ‘tell their principal’ their vaccine status. However every day we go into work, theContinue reading “Vaccine Passports are the New “Show Me Your Papers””