Unmask 4-year-olds in NYC NOW!

The Harm is FAR GREATER Than The Alleged Help

Action Alert!Email NYC Mayor and Teacher Union Boss


Copy and paste the below post in an email to all of the following email addresses:

Mayor De Blasio, NYC Schools Chancelor Meisha Porter, UFT President Michael Mulgrew , City Council Speaker Corey Johnson, and City Coucil Rep Mark Treyger

bdeblasio@cityhall.nyc.govnycchancellor@schools.nyc.govmmulgrew@uft.orgSpeakerJohnson@council.nyc.gov MTreyger@council.nyc.gov; nyteachersforchoice@gmail.com;

At TEACHERS FOR CHOICE’s protest Saturday June 12th, 2pm, we will have pre-K teachers talking about the harm of masking 4-year-old students. Make sure you support us! It’s not easy for teachers to speak up like this, so we need parent and public support!!!

#UnMask4YearOldsNow !!!


Copy everything below:


FROM TEACHERS FOR CHOICE: https://nyteachersforchoice.wordpress.com/2021/06/08/unmask-4-year-olds-in-nyc-now/

As New York State announced mask wearing is now optional in schools, NYC immediately announced it will keep universal masking of everyone. Then the state flip flopped in ridiculous fashion. Regardless of this nonsense, we most focus on helping the most vulnerable children in our schools right now.

Mayor De Blasio and UFT President Michael Mulgrew must IMMEDIATELY call for the unmasking of pre-K, K and 1st grade students. The harm masking brings these children far outways any perceieved benefit.

The World Health Organization recommends that no child 5 or under should wear a mask, but in NYC Schools every single 5 and 4 year old wears a mask for over 6 hours! By the end of the day these children are going home with masks that are soaking wet from their own saliva, mucus and the fluids they drink. This keeps them breathing in germs constantly, all day long, and is a harbinger of filth and infection for anyone who touches those masks.

Worse still the language and phonics skill development of these children is being destroyed. 4, 5 and 6 year olds cannot learn to speak or spell properly if they can’t see the mouths of adults and children around them. As educators we have heard this directly from pre-K and K teachers, and now peer reviewed science is just starting to be published on this tragic reality.

Language cannot be learned behind a mask!

It is now widely excepted in the scientific community that young children are not significant spreaders of SARS CoV-2. Even Anthony Fauci back in November of 2020 stated that “paradoxically” children are not spreading this virus as many had expected they would.

The masking of these young children is abusive and inhumane.

Email Mayor De Blasio and UFT President Michael Mulgrew right now and DEMAND that they end the masking of pre-K, K and 1st grade students RIGHT NOW. These two men have the power to do this and bring some sanity back to NYC Schools.

Pre-K, K and 1st grade teachers, you must send emails now if you want this insanity to end, and all parents need to support this as well.

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