Response to NYC DOE Schools Chancellor on Vaccine Education for Students



NYC DOE Chancellor Meisha Porter recently emailed NYC teachers saying we should tell our students why we chose to get vaccinated and “pass on facts about the vaccines.” Here is one such relevant fact about COVID vaccines which comes right from the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DHMH) website, where Chancellor Porter suggested teachers get information to “pass on facts about the vaccines.”

RECENT NEWS: June 25 (2021):

In summary, this post states that the CDC has confirmed there is a likely link between COVID vaccines and heart inflammation in teens shortly after being vaccinated. The heart inflammation conditions are called myocarditis and pericarditis. The CDC will now have an official warning added to the COVID vaccines that this adverse event is possible.

The NYC DHMH post states, “Most cases (of myocarditis) were mild and responded well to treatment and rest.” What is left out is that these heart inflammation conditions can permanently disable or kill a child. Here are a few names of healthy teenagers that have died or were severely injured from heart inflammation shortly after being injected with a COVID vaccine:

  • 12 year old Maddie de Garay – crippled, feeding tube after second COVID shot
  • 13 year old Jacob Clynick – died 2 days after second COVID shot
  • 18 year old Isaiah Harris – heart attack 48 hours after second COVID shot
  • 19 year old Simone Scott – died after myocarditis and failed heart transplant
  • 19 year old Greyson Follmer – myocarditis after second COVID shot
  • 21 year old Justin Harington – myocarditis 12 hours after second COVID shot

The NYC DHMH website also doesn’t mention if you or your child are maimed or killed by the vaccine no one can sue the manufacturer because they have been indemnified from all lawsuits by the federal government. This is due to the “countermeasure” status given to COVID vaccines as well as the envoking of the PREP Act.

The post from DHMH ends with the following sentence:

Report all cases of myocarditis or pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS.

VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This is a CDC & FDA monitored official government database where any adverse reactions to vaccines are recommended to be reported. Experts tell us that VAERS does not represent all injuries from vaccines, because it is a voluntary system and not all adverse events get reported. That means there are likely far more injuries than what we know of in VAERS. Currently there are over 11,000 injuries of children ages 12 to 17 injected with COVID vaccines reported to the VAERS database, including:

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not recommend anyone get the COVID vaccine, and we do not recommend anyone not get it. This is a personal decision for every individual to make with their doctor, or for every parent to make for their child in consultation with the doctors they trust. COVID vaccination is not a one-size-fits-all medical intervention. No medical intervention is. Every medical intervention needs to be considered for the unique needs of every individual. What keeps one person healthy may make another sick, or could even be deadly.

Medical decisions should be made with all the information currently available, not solely from a propaganda campaign that highlights all the positives encouraging “group think” that excludes critical analysis of all the facts and data at hand.

Some may think the information we post here is only showing the negative potentials of the COVID vaccine, and that may be true. After reviewing the information sent to NYC teachers recommended to share with our students it was hard not to notice only positive information was being shared and promoted. All negative potentials and the data that supports them are being completely buried and suppressed on the NYC DHMH website. That is not how one can make an informed decision on this matter. We post this information here to provide balance and encourage everyone to review all of the information before making their decision.

Furthermore the suggestion from Chancellor Porter that teachers share our personal stories of why we chose to get vaccinated is not relevant to childhood vaccination. It is a universally established and accepted fact that COVID does not pose a serious risk to children. Additionally, a 12 year old child that weighs 70 lbs. compared to a 55 year old 180 lbs. adult may have completely different risk factors and potential for adverse events. Right now, we really don’t know because the clinical trials for the COVID vaccines don’t end until 2023 and the vaccines have only been on the market for 7 months. No COVID vaccine is currently FDA approved, as they are all operating under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) status which is by FDA’s own definition experimental. So everyone making the choice to get the vaccine now is effectively volunteering to be a subject in an experiment.

Some may say that the COVID vaccines are about to get full FDA approval very soon and are therefore no longer experimental. Here is a petition from 27 extremely prominent pro-vaccine scientists and clinicians calling on the FDA to slow down their approval process of all COVID vaccines. One of the reasons they are calling for this is because they claim there is not enough data currently available to show the vaccines are safe, effective and/or necessary for children.

We do not want anyone to consider this post and the information provided here as the be-all & end-all in COVID vaccine recommendations. We merely advise that everyone carefully considers all of the information available before making any medical decision for yourself or your children.


Below is the full text from the June 25th “Recent News” reported by NYC DHMH referenced at the top of this post:

2 thoughts on “Response to NYC DOE Schools Chancellor on Vaccine Education for Students

  1. Outstanding work

    These people have NO BUSINESS “educating” on things they are ignorant about
    (That extends beyond Covid btw…:-( !! )


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