Response to NYC DOE Schools Chancellor on Vaccine Education for Students

From TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 6-30-21 NYC DOE Chancellor Meisha Porter recently emailed NYC teachers saying we should tell our students why we chose to get vaccinated and “pass on facts about the vaccines.” Here is one such relevant fact about COVID vaccines which comes right from the NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene (DHMH)Continue reading “Response to NYC DOE Schools Chancellor on Vaccine Education for Students”

Protest at UFT Office in Staten Island

by Michael Kane 12-20-20 Yesterday 100 teachers, parents, students, business owners and citizens protested in front of the UFT Office building in Staten Island, NY. We expected hundreds more, but having to cancel our original Wednesday date due to the snow storm, as well as having it on the Saturday before Christmas limited attendance. NewContinue reading “Protest at UFT Office in Staten Island”

NYCDOE Responds to Our DNA Concerns – Kind of…

Attorney Michael Sussman Responds Back Legendary civil rights attorney Michael Sussman received a response to the first letter he wrote to NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza from the DOE’s General Counsel regarding in-school COVID testing and protection of teacher and student DNA. The content of the DOE’s response was a link to the “supplemental information”Continue reading “NYCDOE Responds to Our DNA Concerns – Kind of…”