Children Getting Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

Attorney Aaron Siri is Suing

See him on FOX Interview HERE

by Michael Kane


Washington D.C. passed a local city law allowing any child age 11 and up to get vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent. Now attorney Aaron Siri is suing to have the law nullified.

Siri is representing a family whose 16-year-old daughter went to get vaccinated in Washington D.C. but did not live there. The girl was unaware that at age 5 she suffered a severe adverse reaction to the DTaP vaccine. Ultimately the girl was not vaccinated while in D.C., so no monetary damages are being sought. However the family and Siri are fighting to have the law thrown out.

Back in December TEACHERS FOR CHOICE issued an action alert to stop this horrific law from being passed in D.C. but sadly our efforts were unsuccessful. Currently many American cities are allowing children to get the COVID vaccine without parental consent or knowledge including Washington D.C., Philadelphia and San Fransisico.

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE stand 100% on the side of parental rights on this matter, and we are extremely happy to see Aaron Siri taking on this case. We have been in touch with the lawfirm Siri & Glimstad over the past year regarding in-school COVID testing and the lawfirm has very graciously assisted our efforts while never officially representing us as a client. Siri is a legenday attorney in many areas, but is most noted for his legal work around issues of medical freedom.

DISCLAIMER – TEACHERS FOR CHOICE does not hold an organizational position on the CDC childhood vaccination schedule. We have members and supporters that fully vaccinate themselves and their children, partially vaccinate themselves and their children, and who do not vaccinate themselves or their children at all. We support everyone’s individual rights and choice in this area. However one thing we will never support is children being vaccinated without parental knowledge and consent. Such policies are dangerous and possibly deadly. Children cannot be trusted as the stewards of their medical records, only parents can be entrusted with such responsibility.

4 thoughts on “Children Getting Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

    1. I personally don’t think it can be stopped. However, I strongly encourage everyone to fight. There is the lawsuit from NY STANDS UP that is trying to get all mask mandates thrown out of NY State schools but I do not see it happening in densely populated urban areas. Hope I am wrong. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE will be reporting on this more soon.


  1. No.

    Parental consent is required for any child to get the COVID vaccine. However some vax locations will allow parental consent in writing and the parent doesn’t have to be present.

    Some allow a “parental designee”

    So they are bending the rules


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