Emmy-winner Del Bigtree hosts the weekly fact-based news series “The HighWire,” and produced the documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.”


9-13-21, 4pm

Del Bigree of will be speaking at TEACHERS FOR CHOICE protest at Foley Square in NYC, Monday, 9-13-21, 4pm.

Bigtree is a controversial figure, but don’t believe the misinfo spread about him. He’s been fighting for our rights to medical freedom before most of us knew we needed to fight for those rights. He is an amazingly dynamic speaker and strong advocate of free speech and open debate. He is ready and willing to debate with anyone who disagrees with him but few ever take him up on the challenge.

I wonder why?

Find out why and come to this legendary protest Monday September 13th. Bigtree recently interviewed Michael Kane about the September 13th protest they will both be speaking at. Watch that interview at the following link – go to the 48 minute mark.

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