TRO GRANTED! September 27th Deadline to get Vaccine is Gone!

by Michael Kane


Last week I had posted a link to the full complaint from the Municipal Labor Council (MLC) suing NYC over the forced vaccination mandate in NYC Schools. On September 14th a judge in New York State Supreme Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) which stops the vaccine mandate from proceeding forward. That means if you are not vaccinated on September 27th you still have a job with the NYC DOE. This was confirmed by a tweet from the DC 37 union which represents school aide workers in NYC.

Getting a TRO granted is about the best possible outcome in the beginning of a legal proceeding. It doesn’t guarantee that the case will win, but it is a very strong signal that the judge is in agreement with the petitioners of the case.


This lawsuit was not successful because of the UFT at all. It took teachers leaving the union and protesting massively to get pathetic Michael Mulgrew to even admit there was a problem with force injecting the COVID vaccine into educators. Mulgrew stated repeatedly “THE CITY IS WITHIN THEIR LEGAL RIGHTS” to force inject us.

Sorry, Mulgrew still sucks. And Randi is way worse (more on that soon)

But thanks to the leadership in the MLC, and DC 37 whose leaders fought against the mandate from the very beginning, we have some temporary relief.

It is just tempoorary, so stay tuned. Much more fighting is to come. And know this, it is no coincidence that TWO TRO’s stopping forced vaccination came from NY courts the DAY AFTER OUR HISTORIC PROTEST IN MANHATTAN.

More soon

6 thoughts on “TRO GRANTED! September 27th Deadline to get Vaccine is Gone!

    1. The TRO will be for as long as the judge declares it is for.

      on Sept 22nd, there will be a hearing where both sides get to argue in front of the judge. That has not happened yet. At that time the judge will rule however the judge so determines he should rule. But remember this — getting a TRO granted in a case is the highest and clearest of all signs that a judge agrees with the petitioners complaint. I am cautiously optimistic. We may not get EVERYTHING we want, but I would be utterly shocked if we did not get some significant changes from this case.



  1. Why is there no testing option? NYPD & FDNY are exploring that as we speak.

    Why did uft accept city’s offer with no testing component. Union should have walked away and let it go to PERB.


      1. A testing mandate is still a mandate! Earlier this year, if you didn’t consent to their PCR test, you would have been placed on “leave without pay, until such time that you complied”. They would have also told you “consent is voluntary” and “consent can be withdrawn at any time”. What a joke. Do not fight to have no mandates and then accept a different mandate! The PCR test is not a scientifically valid test, it has no diagnostic value and cannot accurately detect Covid. We have known this for a long time. The LAST thing we need is to advocate to widely and systematically use a test that has no value other than to blindly label, ostracize, and condemn people. Also, there was that whole matter of Fulgent Genetics (one of the labs who processes NYC DOE PCR tests) being accused of reselling people’s DNA or reusing the samples for any one of their many, many lucrative DNA research side projects. They were sued in a class action lawsuit and could NOT prove that they weren’t doing this. The future of identity theft is in genetics and the theft of personal genetic material! Please sop saying that PCR testing options are an acceptable option!!!


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