19 Staff Covid Cases Closes NYC School

Were theses staff members fully vaccinated?

by Michael Kane


A District 75 School recently announced 19 staff members tested positive for covid and the school will close for 10 days. The DAILY NEWS reports that NYC DOE said they “didn’t have information” on how many staff members were vaccinated.


How is that possible?

There is an online portal where the DOE requires staff members to upload their vaccine status. If it is uploaded, the staffer is vaccinated. If it is not uploaded it can be assumed the staffer is not vaccinated or was recently vaccinated and has yet to upload the status.

Had the majority been unvaccinated I am 99% sure that info would have been given to the press and run up the flagpole. At this time by logical reasoning I believe the most likely reality is that the majority of the 19 positive cases are in fully vaccinated NYC DOE employees.

We do not know this for sure, and need to keep watching for information as it breaks.

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