UFT & CSA Say NYC Must Delay Vaccine Mandate

by Michael Kane


This is a war of attrition and a game of chicken.

DO NOT move from your position against forced vaccination as a condition of employment in the NYC DOE. There are many reasons why you are right and many routes to victory.

The most recent bounce of the ball is from NYC’s principal’s union, the CSA, who just today stated the city must call off the September 27th deadline for its vaccine mandate citing massive staffing shortages. Selim Algar of the NY POST has reported the city will lose over 20,000 employees if the mandate goes into effect this coming Monday. CSA & UFT will hold a joint press conference tomorrow calling on de Blasio and the NYC DOE to delay the vaccine mandate.

This is how we win.



I know for a fact dozens of principals are having nervous breakdowns over the coming crisis of staffing shortages. Principals feel completely alone, abandoned and unheard. It is very good to see the CSA speaking up for their members as well as for al the children and parents in NYC Schools.

I am a veteran teacher with over 14 years in the system. I run programs in my school to support and benefit undocumented students and their families. This year with guidance from my administration I secured a multi-thousand dollar grant to assist immigrant students and families reeling from the covid crisis, unemployment, and multiple hardships. That is not something a substitute can come in and manage. My story is just one of 10’s of thousands throughout the NYC School system that will be lost if this ill-conceived anti-science vaccine mandate is rushed into NYC Schools on Monday September 27th.

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