Our Last Chance for Legal Relief

Please Donate to Fund Our Emergency Weekend Legal Action

from Michael Kane & TEACHERS FOR CHOICE


Our attorney Sujata Gibson is writing and finalizing our emergency motion for relief from the NYC vaccine mandate to be filed on Sunday September 26th. This is our last chance in the courts to get relief before unvaccianted educators are locked out of their jobs on Tuesday September 28th. All other lawsuits have failed to get a sustaining TRO or injunction. The other lawsuits may still get relief for us, but not until after we are placed on unpaid leave. This is the final legal attempt to avoid the September 27th D-day.

This action is building off of the complaint of KANE vs DE BLASIO filed on Tuesday September 21st but is also incorporating dozens of facts and firsthand accounts of the massive staffing shortages NYC Schools are about to face. Both the CSA & UFT unions are currently calling for the Monday September 27th deadline for implementing the forced vaccine mandate in NYC to be pushed back.

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