Hochul’s Healthcare Blunder on NBC Goes Viral on Twitter

Did a viral tweet force Hochul and NY DOH to file appeal against unvaccinated healthcare workers? by Michael Kane 1-25-23 New York Governor Kathy Hochul blundered a response when asked why she was not allowing unvaccinated healthcare workers to reapply for their jobs after a court struck down her vaccine mandate for such workers. TheContinue reading “Hochul’s Healthcare Blunder on NBC Goes Viral on Twitter”

Brad Hoylman and Fauci throw Shots at Lee Zeldin

Two Ginormous Big Pharma Puppets by Michael Kane 10-26-22 Brad Hoylman is Big Pharma’s #1 puppet in the New York State Senate, so he has decided to pop his head up to throw some shade at Lee Zeldin (on behalf of Fauci and their Big Pharma masters). Did you know Hoylman never met a vaccineContinue reading “Brad Hoylman and Fauci throw Shots at Lee Zeldin”

NYC DOH Signals No Covid Vax Mandate for NYC Schools

***UPDATE – Just a few hours after we published this report the CDC announced a massive loosening of its recommended covid restrictions and mandates. This is all political in preparation for the November elections. – mk by Michael Kane 8-11-22 The New York City Department of Health (NYC DOH) has sent a signal that theContinue reading “NYC DOH Signals No Covid Vax Mandate for NYC Schools”

Senate Republicans Finally Realize Vaccination is a Voting Issue

Threaten Government Shutdown Over Vaccine Mandates by Michael Kane 3-7-22 In Washington DC no one has really picked up the ball and run with the fact that Americans oppose vaccine mandates, but that just changed. Last week Senate Republicans sponsored three major actions against vaccine mandates and Biden’s Emergency Powers just as THE PEOPLE’S CONVOYContinue reading “Senate Republicans Finally Realize Vaccination is a Voting Issue”


UFT & CSA Say NYC Must Delay Vaccine Mandate by Michael Kane 9-23-21 This is a war of attrition and a game of chicken. DO NOT move from your position against forced vaccination as a condition of employment in the NYC DOE. There are many reasons why you are right and many routes to victory.Continue reading “EVERYONE HOLD THE LINE!”

NYC Educators Sue de Blasio Over Forced Vaccination Policy

Attorney Sujata Gibson Files in Federal Court KANE vs DE BLASIO From TEACHERS FOR CHOICE 9-21-20 Teachers, educators and administrators filed a federal lawsuit today challenging Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City over the forced COVID vaccination policy set to begin on September 27. Unlike other City employees who were ordered to eitherContinue reading “NYC Educators Sue de Blasio Over Forced Vaccination Policy”

Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option

Email sent to Michael Mulgrew on 9-1-21, 1pm: To: Michael Mulgrewcc: Randi Weingarten, Andy Pallotta *** Good afternoon. I and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE ask that Michael Mulgrew advocates strongly to bring back the weekly testing option for those educators who are willing to agree to this but not vaccination. The entire MLC supports this atContinue reading “Bring Back NYC’s Weekly Testing Option”

Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments

by Michael Kane 7-12-21 On February 5, 2021, President of the American Federation of Teachers union (AFT) Randi Weingarten stated that vaccinations are not “preconditions” for returning to in-person learning. Interestingly February 5th was the very day I announced I would be calling upon Weingarten to publicly rescind her statement from September of 2020 supportingContinue reading “Randi Weingarten Reversed Forced Vaccination Comments”