Transcript KANE vs DE BLASIO October 12, 2021

from Michael Kane


This transcript is from the KANE vs DE BLASIO hearing in federal court on October 12, 2021 where Judge Valerie Caproni denied our request for an injunction. There are some very important details in this transcript. I would suggest to everyone to not jump to the conclusion that Judge Caproni’s decision or opinion is correct. I have spoken to multiple brilliant attorneys and experts who listened to the hearing and firmly believe Judge Caproni got many key points incorrect in the case. One such attorney requested a copy of the transcript in order to compare what they heard, wrote in their notes, and what the transcript reflects.

This is not over.

More coming soon.

Also watch this interview of Sujata Gibson and Bonnie Skala Kiladitis talking about the case KANE vs DE BLASIO

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