Medical Benefits Option for NYC Educators on Unpaid Leave

Healthcare Logics

Michael Kane


The NYC DOE is requiring educators on unpaid leave for declining the covid vaccination to waive their rights to sue in order to get 1 year of medical benefits. If you DO NOT want to waive your rights and need an option for medical care, we have one.

Healthcare Logics is volunteering their free services to all NYC Educators currently on unpaid leave. This is not going to cover every single issue you may need addressed, but it can help you get through this tough time while holding on to your rights to sue the NYC DOE for the illegal manner in which they fired us from our jobs.

This is a fleet of mobile care units that have “pop-up” clinics in NYC and Nassau County. They may be able to provide service elsewhere as well. The easiest way to get all the info you need from them is through WHATSAPP. Go to the following link, send them a message through WHATSAPP and they will allow you to join their messenger group –

I personally spoke with Healthcare Logistics Chief Operating Officer (COO) Danielle Siegel and was wildly impressed with what she is offering. She is a firm supporter of CHOICE in all medical procedures. I can’t thank Danielle enough for offering this to all of us in our dark hour of need. If you have any questions you can text Danielle at (346) 309-1207

TEACHERS FOR CHOICE cannot give you legal or medical advice. You have to do what is best for you and your family. But if you sign any waiver with the NYC DOE you will lose your rights to sue them or to benefit from any lawsuits that may gain some form of relief in the court system. TEACHERS FOR CHOICE and Healthcare Logics merely offer this option to you as one of your potential choices.

2 thoughts on “Medical Benefits Option for NYC Educators on Unpaid Leave

  1. This is an alternative, but please address the fact that requiring employees to sign this waiver of the right to sue, in exchange for the health coverage, is UNCONSTITUTIONAL: it’s in violation of the “doctrine of unconstitutional conditions.”
    Would Teachers for Choice’s legal advisors please address this problem?
    Thank you.


    1. IF you sign the waiver, you lose your rights to sue. That much we know.

      IF this is unconstitutional or not is unclear.

      TEACHERS FOR CHOICE attorneys and advisors will not be addressing this head on at this time as we have no time. All efforts are on KANE vs DE BLASIO. More announcements on our case next week (Oct 25th and beyond)


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