Eric Adams is a Liar

Calls For Forced Vaccine Mandate for NYC School Kids

Back in May of 2021 Eric Adams clearly indicated he would NOT force vaccinate teachers or students if he became mayor of NYC. Read it for yourself in the NY POST right HERE.

He lied

Don’t vote for him.

Vote for Bill Pepitone.

So I guess Adams also supports banning unvaccinated parents from NYC Schools too. That includes almost 60% of African American parents in NYC.

Time to protest at Brooklyn Borough Hall!

Mayoral candidate Eric Adams vows to mandate COVID vaccinations for NYC school kids, de Blasio says he won’t require the jab

3 thoughts on “Eric Adams is a Liar

  1. I agree with you Eric Adams is a liar and can’t be trusted. I love Bill Pepitone but he is unknown. I do believe Silva has more of a chance of winning.


  2. Adams is for Adams
    Always was, always will be
    Career guy , race-baiter
    Sliwa has no decent ground game
    We are doomed!!
    Pep whatshisface /ok on mandates but a small problem…./nobody knows who he is…….
    De Blasio for governor, Adams for mayor, coming up next….
    If you don’t like their new style Plantation, you will be whipped.
    🤷🏻‍♀️Jus’ reporting what I see.
    Oh and,where’s the “thriving money”, Chirlane?
    Maybe start a school ….near Yellowstone ?


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