Indigenous People Against Australian Biosecurity Fascism


Indigenous people of Australia tell the world in their own words what is happening to them with forced covid vaccination policies. Watch their testimony on Instagram by clicking HERE.

Below are some critical quotes from these indigenous natives of Australia:



“This is a land grab, this has nothing to do with health.”

“This is genocide against the oldest living culture on the planet.”

“We are making an international call for assistance…we have the Northern Territory government force vaccinating our people…using military, using foreign military to pressure our people into taking this…they are pressuring people telling them they can’t eat in the shops, they can’t go shopping elsewhere. Those who are fleeing this forced vaccination are being fined $5,000 for leaving the community. So this is Martial Law. This is a war crime. We are the guinea pigs. We are the dry-run for the rest of the country and the rest of the world…This is torture, make no mistake.”

“Wake up Australia! Wake up World!”

“We need you to stand up, show some courage!”

“We have bad reports happening all over the country where our people received a jab and they are dying…and we don’t want this poured out on our children…when they take the adults where are our children going to be?”

“Don’t make any more agreements with a system that is hell-bent on our people’s annihilation”

“All you young people…look into your own spirit, soul, your body…and tap into that flow that comes from your ancestors…the ancient ones the spiritually led people.”

“They are trying to dumb our people down by giving them false information”

“To the young people listen to your elders. They’ve been around a lot longer than you and they are wise. They’ve been in these situations before.”

“I’m calling on all my tribal brother’s and sisters to unite and stop all of these bioweapons they are using on us disguised as covid-19 needles”

3 thoughts on “Indigenous People Against Australian Biosecurity Fascism

  1. Have not been able to stop thinking about this since late last week when info started to surface. Praying my ass off and sharing the info. It’s killing my soul.


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