The Pope recommends vaccination and therefore Mr. Kane should be vaccinated…

Heretics Expelled from New York City Schools

by Michael Kane


The title of this piece contains the very words stated to me by the attorneys for New York City when I was denied a religious exemption to vaccination. The City did not question the sincerity of my religious beliefs, but since the Pope recommends vaccination that meant I must be vaccinated to keep my job.

In the not-so-distant past many were denied religious exemptions after “sincerity hearings” that were equivalent to witch hunts. Today they are simply calling those seeking to practice their sincerely held religious beliefs heretics who must be shunned and banned from society.

Today I am on unpaid leave for declining covid vaccination and I am suing NYC in a case known as KANE vs DE BLASIO, fighting for religious freedom for all educators in NYC. I recently debated two religious leaders on BBC Radio regarding religion and vaccination. You can hear that 20 minute debate at the following link: (go to 27:30 to hear the segment)

I lost my job with NYC because I was labeled a heretic.

Since my sincerely held religious beliefs do not align with those that the City deems to be legitimate they removed me from my job while my union, the UFT, shrugged their pathetic shoulders.

I was raised in a home of Catholicism, Christianity and Buddhism. My journey of faith began at a young age as I questioned everything and was encouraged to do so by both of my parents. Today my father is a lay teacher at a Long Island Buddhist Gampa. The attorney for NYC also told me since the Dalai Lama is himself vaccinated, of course, I too must be vaccinated. Never mind that I do not follow the Dalai Lama or the Pope. Never mind that I do not fellowship with these men, nor do I seek guidance from them. Never mind those pesky facts.

My faith is a hybrid of Christianity, Buddhism and life experience. I have learned much through my readings, my prayers, meditation, as well as through the triumphs and tragedies of my life, and my connection with the most high power is very personal and intimate.

The federal courts have ruled when it comes to religion the belief of the individual is supreme: not the belief of some man, building, institution or text, but the belief of the individual. Many people define “religion” as a building, a book, a man with a beard who tells you what to believe, think, eat and do. You can define religion that way if you so choose, but the federal court system in America has not interpreted the first amendment that way.

And thank God for the first amendment and the interpretation of the courts!

My case of KANE vs DE BLASIO is a critical case in which people – including some allegedly ‘very smart’ people – are now saying perhaps the government DOES have the right to determine what religious views are valid and which are not. This is an extremely frightening mind state that we cannot allow to infect our nation!

America was founded on the principal that there are no heretics. All are welcome, free to worship and praise their God as they see fit, not as any one else dictates.

The one thing that religious beliefs cannot do is infringe on the rights, freedom or health of those around the believer. Those who argue I must get a covid vaccine state that by not being vaccinated I pose a threat to society. However that narrative is not holding up under strict scrutiny of the science we now have.

We now know natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity. Just ask Johns Hopkins professor and former W.H.O board member Dr. Marty Makary. Watch him testify on the superiority of natural immunity to Congress here:

Why did NYC never ask if I had natural immunity prior to requiring a forced covid vaccine mandate to keep my job?

We must also ask other heavyweights in medicine their opinion of forced covid vaccine mandates; people like Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, Dr. Martin Kulldorff of Harvard, Dr. Peter McCullough of Texas A&M, and Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford. These individuals have a contrary view to forced vaccine requirements.

Perhaps what we need to do in order to properly strictly scrutinize if my religious beliefs against vaccination adversely impact society is to get the men and women I just mentioned in a federal court, under oath.

Along with Dr. Anthony Fauci.


DON’T FORGET to come to our massive protest – January 5, 2022 in the New York Capitol – ALBANY

Register for a bus to Albany HERE —

6 thoughts on “The Pope recommends vaccination and therefore Mr. Kane should be vaccinated…

  1. Mr. Kane,

    I cannot thank you enough for the work you’ve done and for fighting the good fight. For anyone else in this situation, it’s important to note that there is NO mention of an ordained pope or papacy in any of the biblical scriptures. Martin Luther once said “if there Hell, Rome is built on top of it.” The Vatican was also at one time in cahoots with Nazi Germany so to have such a crooked institution somehow be the forefront of governing religious beliefs and bodily choice is comical at best. Happy holidays to you& yours!

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  2. “Nazi” mentality, these people want to control on a power trip. In God We Trust Michael. You are a man of God. Thank you for standing up!! God always wins. You are with God. I am with you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The narrative was slanted, but BBC was honest about that to me from the beginning. Everything they said would happen did actually happen and for that I am grateful and thank the BBC for their transparency. When you are the underdog, as I am in this moment, you have to take the opportunities that are presented to you and pray for the best, in my opinion.

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  3. sbettybooi I did not mention anything about fetal cell lines because while I am personally opposed to the use of fetal cell lines for any product that is not a part of my personal sincerely held religious beliefs.

    Essentially I am pro-choice (although I do not support late-term abortion laws)

    I completely respect everyone who have sincerely held religious beliefs against abortion and fetal cell usage, however that is not a part of my own personal religious beliefs

    And the key – in America – is that religious beliefs are PERSONALLY HELD. No one can tell me I must include anything or exclude anything from my own beliefs.

    Thank you for this question – mk


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