New York Educators Support the March on Washington Against Mandates


Teachers for Choice and Educators for Freedom in New York firmly support the peaceful protest against medical mandates being planned on January 23 in Washington D.C. Now is the time for all Americans to come together as a nation against forced covid vaccination!

We strongly encourage everyone to make plans to attend this historic march from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial. Tens of thousands of Americans have already registered to be at this peaceful march and we urge everyone to join them.

All information about the march can be found at


Teachers for Choice and Educators for Freedom are currently suing NYC for denying thousands of applications for religious exemptions to vaccination. NYC has been trying to fire these educators but the courts have stopped them from doing so. Right now these educators remain on unpaid leave. For more information on their lawsuits visit the following links:

Michael Kane interviewed on BBC World Radio debating religious exemptions to vaccination –

NPR covers KANE vs DE BLASIO at Gothamist –

The case will be argued in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals again on January 18, 2022.

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