Pro-Choice And Anti-Segregation


by Michael Kane


Tramell Thompson is a fully vaccinated labor leader from New York City who is 100% opposed to segregation.

On January 5 in Albany, NY Thompson announced for the first time publicly that he was fully vaccinated then proceeded to rip up his vaccine card stating he is against passports and segregation; pro-choice on all medical procedures.

Watch Thompson #RipItUp here:

“We are not anti-vaccine. We are anti-mandate and against segregation,” said Thompson during a LIVE interview on Instagram. “You can be vaccinated and not participate in segregation…it’s not a vaccine passport it’s a segregation pass.”

On January 23 Tramell Thompson is a featured speaker at the peaceful march on Washington against medical mandates. Thompson is calling for all our fully vaccinated brothers and sisters to come to the Lincoln Memorial and rip up their vaccine cards with thousands of pro-vaccine individuals who oppose segregation


Get all info on the the Anti-Mandate March on Washington at

Learn more about NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader Tramell Thompson at

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