Pro-Vaccine But Anti-Segregation

#RipItUp by Michael Kane 1-15-22 Tramell Thompson is a fully vaccinated labor leader from New York City who is 100% opposed to segregation. On January 5 in Albany, NY Thompson announced for the first time publicly that he was fully vaccinated then proceeded to rip up his vaccine card stating he is against passports andContinue reading “Pro-Vaccine But Anti-Segregation”

Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice

“We can shutdown NYC over these vaccine mandates” – Hawk Newsome by Michael Kane 10-19-21 The interview by Tramell Thompson of Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter (BLM) Greater New York and myself was dynamic and controversial. It was a great way to begin the conversation on how Medical Freedom Fighters like myself can buildContinue reading “Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice”