Michael Kane interviewed by Tramell Thompson of Progressive Action

Discussing May 16 Rally, NYC Medical Mandates and Lawsuits Get your BUS TICKET to go to Albany this Monday by clicking HERE

Will the Real Eric Adams Please Stand Up?

The Covid Mandate Lies of Eric Adams by Michael Kane 4-29-22 Tramell Thompson has just released a video showing how NYC Mayor Eric Adams has flip-flopped entirely on all covid-mandate issues. In NYC the Democratic Primary is where the mayor is picked. Republicans have no shot at mayor but for rare historical exceptions. Prior toContinue reading “Will the Real Eric Adams Please Stand Up?”

Kyrie Irving States Full Support of NYC Essential Workers and Tramell Thompson

Calls for Fired and Banned in NYC to be Rehired by Michael Kane 4-18-22 This past weekend the NY Daily News reported that Kyrie Irving has recently embraced activist Tramell Thompson and the battle against medical mandates in NYC. Irving was interviewed by the paper and quoted as follows: “(Tramell Thompson is) leading a communityContinue reading “Kyrie Irving States Full Support of NYC Essential Workers and Tramell Thompson”

Vaccinated NYC Workers Stand with their Unvaccinated Brothers and Sisters

Tramell Thompson Brings the #RipItUp Challenge to City Hall Associated Press Covers #RipItUP PRESS RELEASE 2-8-22 NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader, Tramell Thompson, led a group of city workers in ripping up their vaccine cards in front of City Hall yesterday. Thompson is vaccinated himself, but ripped up his vaccine card in protest on JanuaryContinue reading “Vaccinated NYC Workers Stand with their Unvaccinated Brothers and Sisters”

 #RipItUp Challenge

From Michael Kane 2-5-22 On Monday February 7 there is a major protest led by members of the FDNY who will be ripping up their vaccine cards with NYC’s Transit & Labor Leader Tramell Thompson. What is #RipItUp? RIP IT UP is where our vaccinated brothers & sisters stand up for the rights of theContinue reading ” #RipItUp Challenge”


By Michael Kane 2-4-22 *click on above photo to watch my rant and call to action* #KANEvsDEBLASIO has LOST in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. The Court’s decision is attached as a pdf file at the end of this report. EVERYONE MUST GET TO THE PROTEST SPONSORED BY #BravestForChoice Monday February 7, 2022 atContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS – KANE vs DE BLASIO LOSES IN THE 2nd CIRCUIT COURT!!!”

Pro-Choice And Anti-Segregation

#RipItUp by Michael Kane 1-15-22 Tramell Thompson is a fully vaccinated labor leader from New York City who is 100% opposed to segregation. On January 5 in Albany, NY Thompson announced for the first time publicly that he was fully vaccinated then proceeded to rip up his vaccine card stating he is against passports andContinue reading “Pro-Choice And Anti-Segregation”

Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice

“We can shutdown NYC over these vaccine mandates” – Hawk Newsome by Michael Kane 10-19-21 The interview by Tramell Thompson of Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter (BLM) Greater New York and myself was dynamic and controversial. It was a great way to begin the conversation on how Medical Freedom Fighters like myself can buildContinue reading “Black Lives Matter NY and Teachers For Choice”