Religious Exemption to Vaccination in NY — for kids!

This is important as it speaks to KANE vs DE BLASIO and a recent history not enough people are aware of. On June 13, 2019, Cuomo and the Albany legislature repealed the religious exemption to vaccination for school children, which removed 26,000 children from school throughout New York State.

This was the moment I realized they would force teachers to be vaccinated.

So in July of 2019 I published a petition titled NY Teachers Against Vaccine Mandates for Educators. This was 6 months BEFORE anyone heard of covid-19. Today there are over 50,000 signatures to that petition. At the time many of my colleagues in NYC said to me, “But Mike, which vaccines are they going to force us to get?”

It was impossible to know the first would be the one that didn’t yet exist – the covid shot.

I say the first because more vaccine mandates for teachers are coming. As attorney Sujata Gibson stated in the original KANE vs DE BLASIO brief, the vaccine mandate for NYC Educators makes no mention of covid, and no mention of an emergency. In fact the mandate is speaking to a greater vision of adult vaccination that intends to one day include boosters for the MMR, DTaP, Flu shot and much more following the CDC’s recommended adult vaccine schedule. You can thank the totally corrupt Randi Weingarten and Michael Mulgrew for this brave-new reality in NYC. Both of them hope to spread this to teachers all across the nation as well.

In New York this madness all started with attacking the medical and religious freedoms of the most vulnerable of all; the children. Now the attorneys representing the parents of those children are asking SCOTUS for proper legal relief. – mk


Lawyers ask US Supreme Court to consider NY repeal of the religious exemption from vax mandates

from John Gilmore 1-14-22

     Lawyers working with Children’s Health Defense have asked the Supreme Court of the United States to hear their case challenging the legality of the New York law passed in 2019 that repealed the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school. There is no specific timetable for the Court to decide on whether a case will be heard, but decisions are usually issued within several months. 

     The suit was originally filed in the New York State Supreme Court (the lowest level court in New York) where the suit was unsuccessful, and then the Appellate Division where the State prevailed again. New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, refused to hear the case late last year which finally opened the door to apply to the US Supreme Court. Attorneys for the plaintiffs anticipated that a suit against the State of New York would not succeed in New York State courts, and have always aimed for the US Supreme Court.

     The lawyers representing the plaintiffs are lead attorney Michael Sussman, Jonathan R. Goldman, Stephen Bergstein, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Mary Holland

     More than 26,000 students lost the right to attend school when Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the repeal bill and created the only group of children in New York without a right to an education. Families were given 14 days to comply before children were expelled from school.  The act also stripped all New York parents of having any role in deciding which shots their children receive or not.

     New York is one of four states along with California, Connecticut, and Maine that repealed longstanding religious exemptions since 2016. Prior to 2016 only Mississippi and West Virginia did not allow religious exemptions. 

     The petition argues, “In supporting the repeal, various legislators, including leadership and the law’s sponsors, made religiously hostile comments, rejecting the notion of a true religious objection to vaccination and belittling such objectors as ‘anti-vaxxers” and misguided fools.”

     “Most people believe in vaccines and take them without a second thought. We do not pretend otherwise. But equally important to our country is the foundational principle that one’s sincerely-held religious beliefs ought be respected. So vital is this principle, it is enshrined in our Constitution. As it happens, a small minority of our population objects to vaccinations on religious grounds. We cannot simply disregard these few just because most of us might believe otherwise or because other legitimate, or even vital, interests might be at stake. Such would be antithetical to our founding ideals. Rather, we must respect all religious views, no matter how foreign or peculiar they may seem to us. This is the fundamental theme of this Court’s Free Exercise jurisprudence. A law cannot target religion, and, if enacted with even the slightest hint of animus, it cannot stand.”

     Please support this lawsuit and other legal actions in New York by donating to Children’s Health Defense NY  here

     Please share this message with friends and family, and please post to social networks while we still can. 

One thought on “Religious Exemption to Vaccination in NY — for kids!

  1. When I heard over the radio mid 2019, that the Religious Exemption Act had been repealed, (mind you this was before the COVID-19 hysteria was even spoken of), an inner voice told me something was brewing. It is so obvious this was all in the works, all of it.


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