Organizing the American Convoy to Washington DC

Convoy to DC Saving America

from Michael Kane


(Update — as of 2-22-22 Michael Kane and TEACHERS FOR CHOICE are no longer affiliated with any Convoy groups. We wish CONVOY TO SAVE AMERICA and Denby Melisha Morgan all the best in their endeavors)


All others are currently not affiliated with Convoy to Save America.

An American truck convoy to Washington DC is starting by first supporting our brothers and sisters in Canada, who are asking us to all head north to the border. First we support Canada and, when they win and over-turn the mandates in their country, they will head south with us to Washington DC.

There are many groups, flyers, telegram channels, etc… popping up about American Truck Convoys right now, but the one TEACHERS FOR CHOICE is currently supporting is CONVOY TO DC SAVING AMERICA.

This Facebook page was started earlier this evening quickly growing to over 4,000 members in just a few hours. This group’s goal is to get as many people to the Canadian border as quickly as possible. There are other groups whose goal seems to be to only go to Washington DC. We support all of these groups as long as they are honest, peaceful and prove to be as such. The global energy around truck convoys is simply electric and spreading to every corner of the planet. My colleagues at Children’s Health Defense researched convoys around the globe all day today and found them forming in Europe, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, France, U.S., Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, and Canada.

The Facebook and GO FUND ME pages were started by Denby Melisha Morgan, a firecracker activist out of Tennessee. Melisha has done some solid work in the health freedom space. Some NEW YORK FREEDOM RALLY members have personally met her and attended at least one of her rallies in Tennessee. She is in touch with the original 8 organizers of the Canadian Truck Convoy and says they have agreed to head to Washington DC after they finish in Ottawa.

Melisha will use the funds first to get herself, friends, and a group of citizen journalists and podcasters up to the Canadian border ASAP and eventually to DC. Any excess of funds will be used to get more people to engage in the American Convoy.

More soon…

3 thoughts on “Organizing the American Convoy to Washington DC

  1. Do not use GoFundMe. They are in bed with the international banksters and may shut your account down and withhold the money.
    Use GiveSendGo. They have never done that to anyone, unlike GoFundMe.


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