Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!

Please donate to our GIVE SEND GO

by Michael Kane


The GO FUND ME we promoted to support the Convoy to Save America has been SHUTDOWN! It was called the American Solidarity Convoy and it has been taken down by GO FUND ME. Check for yourself:

Please donate to our GIVE SEND GO or VENMO options.

If you donated to our GO FUND ME PLEASE IMMEDIATELY DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK. The following is a screen shot of the email sent from GO FUND ME to the campaign organizer Denby Melisha Morgan:

The communication from GO FUND ME is disingenuous and we do not trust that they will get us one penny of the money our supporters so generously gave to us. Go demand your refund NOW!

Apparently you don’t have to raise $10 million like the FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 did in Canada to get screwed by GO FUND ME. We only raised about $6,000, but being shutdown has delayed our phase-1 launch of a solidarity trip north to the Canadian border.

Please make a donation to our GIVE SEND GO account or you can donate directly via VENMO. The money is going right to our main organizer Denby Melisha Morgan who is leading a mini-convoy starting in Tennessee. She was recently interviewed by the EPOCH TIMES with FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 Spokesperson Benjamin Ditcher.

Get all donation info at our official link tree here:

Watch Denby’s interview with Benjamin Ditcher here:

Denby will be leading a convoy to the border this weekend beginning on the 11th or 12th. We will be posting the route including stops and meeting points by Monday February 7th. We need at least a few thousand dollars to get the ball rolling. Thank you to everyone who has already donated! But if you used GO FUND ME, please insist you get a refund and redirect those funds to our GIVE SEND GO or VENMO options.

3 thoughts on “Convoy to Save America GO FUND ME SHUTDOWN!

  1. Yeah I saw the information on the news link as to why they turned down the page I guess the GoFundMe is being investigated by mainstream media and both the Canadian and American governments and they’re scared.and instead of GoFundMe standing up for the rights of people who are protesting the vaccine mandates they are running scared because obviously the government has something on them and bribing them and blackmailing them so instead of GoFundMe standing up for their rights and our rights they’re just bowing down to the powers-that-be shame on them shame on them all


  2. I saw the news and read the information on social media and it’s shameful how GoFundMe has decided to be scared of the government instead of standing up for our rights and the rights of those truckers who are fighting the vaccine mandates. GoFundMe needs to be embarrassed and humiliated on all social media platforms and in the mainstream media and in the alternative media they need to be shamed for their bowing down to the government and two big pharma they need to be ashamed they need to be embarrassed they need to be humiliated


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