Senate Republicans Finally Realize Vaccination is a Voting Issue

Threaten Government Shutdown Over Vaccine Mandates

by Michael Kane


In Washington DC no one has really picked up the ball and run with the fact that Americans oppose vaccine mandates, but that just changed.

Last week Senate Republicans sponsored three major actions against vaccine mandates and Biden’s Emergency Powers just as THE PEOPLE’S CONVOY of Truckers rolled into the DC area. While many pundits state there is no “muscle” behind such actions because they won’t pass the House or Biden’s desk, that is an extremely short-term and incomplete view of the situation.

Democrats are facing a mid-term election slaughter, and basically everyone knows this. The House of Representatives can very easily be flipped to Republican. If that happens the Senate has just signaled they are ready to formally oppose vaccine mandates in a major way. If we end up with both houses having Republican majorities – even a split Senate as we currently have – in less than a year we could have legislation on Biden’s desk that opposes vaccine mandates.

Yes, Biden will veto it; but that’s not the end of the game.

What is more important is that opposition to vaccine mandates is now correctly viewed as a voting issue on the federal level. Never in the history of the medical freedom movement has this been the case. And with 10 Republicans now threatening a government shutdown over the current Biden vaccine mandates (for medical workers, military and federal contractors) things could get interesting very fast!

Don’t forget Biden’s polling firm just told the President to “declare victory” over covid and to “move on.” We are in a far different political reality than we were two years ago.

Here are the three major moves made by Senate Republicans last week, two reported in THE HILL one in Epoch Times. Read all three reports in full:

Senate conservatives threaten to hold up government funding over vaccine mandate

The senators noted that while the Biden administration recently rescinded an Occupational Safety and Health Administration COVID-19 vaccine mandate for large employers following an adverse decision by the Supreme Court, the mandates for medical workers, military personnel and federal employees and contractors remain in place.  

Senate GOP votes to strike Biden’s vaccine rule for health care workers

US Senate Passes Bill to End COVID-19 National Emergency

Senate Republicans on Wednesday voted to strike down President Biden’s vaccine mandate targeting health care workers, in a rebuke of the administration.


The House Freedom Caucus also sent a letter on Friday to McConnell asking him to hold up funding;

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