Tell City Council in NYC Rehire Fired and Banned Workers!!!

Rehire Workers Fired for Declining Covid Vaccination

✳️SUPPORT RES 106-2022

Help get jobs back for Firefighters, Police Officers, Teachers, Healthcare workers and more!

Take action New York!

NYC Council Minority Leader Joseph Borelli has introduced a resolution calling on Mayor Eric Adams to rehire city employees who were fired because they did not get the mandated covid vaccine by the February deadline.

This Resolution is sponsored by the COMMON-SENSE CAUCUS in the NYC City Council. All members of the caucus are co-sponsors.


***There are 51 NYC Council Members 
Please EMAIL and call as much as possible!!! Ask them to SUPPORT RES 106-2022!

There are 3 things you must include in your email and phone call to City Council:

  1. Your name, address and phone number
  2. Say NYC must rehire the fired and banned unvaccinated workers
  3. Tell them to co-sponsor RESOLUTION 106-2022!


EMAIL (Copy & Paste) 

Christopher Marte (D1) – 212-587-3159
Carlina Rivera (D2) – 212-788-7366
Erik Bottcher (D3) –  212-788-6979
Keith Powers (D4)  – 212-788-7393
Julie Menen (D5)  – 212-788-6865
Gale A. Brewer (D6) –  212-788-6975
Shaun Abreu (D7)   – 212-788-7007
Diana Ayala (D8) –  212-788-6960
Kristin Richardson Jordan (D9) – 212-788-7397
Carmen De La Rosa (D10) –  212-788-7053

Find your District HERE

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