LAWSUIT UPDATE – Deposition May 24

from Michael Kane

My long-term followers are very well aware of the case KANE vs DE BLASIO as well as our “twin” case KEIL vs NYC. Both are challenging the legitimacy of the religious exemption to vaccination process for educators in the NYC DOE.

However there is another critical case doing the exact same thing but for ALL NYC workers. This case is NEW YORKERS FOR RELIGIOUS LIBERTY vs THE CITY OF NY. Below is a critical update on the NYFRL case from our friends and allies BRAVEST FOR CHOICE which comes from their weekly newsletter.

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There was a hearing this past week on the NYFRL case. Judge Scanlon granted plaintiffs to depose Eric Eichenholtz, one of the 9 members of the Citywide panel. To clarify, the members of the Citywide panel make the decision to deny or accept an exemption. Although plaintiffs requested to depose all 9 members, the judge granted only one and the City chose Eichenholtz. The fact that our lawyers can now depose even one of the Citywide panelists is huge. The deposition is scheduled to occur on 5/24/22. Depositions of additional Citywide panelists may follow Eichenholtz if the judge agrees to such. We will keep you posted!

Fundraising is urgently needed to support the NYFRL case which challenges the
Constitutionality of the mandates in New York City. Those who have recently received a retro check, we ask that you please donate a portion to Bravest for Choice, or directly to, and ask those in your circle to do the same. A $200 donation from each member can help us raise a significant amount of money for the lawsuit as well as to assist members placed on LWOP or who have faced termination.


One thought on “LAWSUIT UPDATE – Deposition May 24

  1. Thank you for this, but what does it mean exactly? How are people receiving a retro check? I was terminated (NYC DOE) and nothing stated, nothing given. What about all my CAR days? I was tenured- no hearing, no regard. What is happening with your case Michael regarding the teachers and DOE workers? God bless.


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