Protest at United Nations Against the W.H.O. Power Grab

At the United Nations in Manhattan Tuesday, May 24th at 5pm

This is going to be a BIG FIGHT!

While most are falling back to sleep, incorrectly believing that “mandates are over” the World Health Organization (WHO) is laying out the framework for a power-grab unlike anything we have ever seen in the history of global public health.

Come to this critical protest!


One thought on “Protest at United Nations Against the W.H.O. Power Grab

  1. I have prepared a letter to Loyce Pace that you can sign at this rally, so it can be delivered. Also, have created a couple of informational handouts (one side of a page so easier to read). If you are interested in brainstorming what further actions are needed, DM me on Telegram ……@freeblluebird
    Also, anyone interested in educational street outreach via tabling set-up in the boroughs that is being planned, kindly DM me. Brainstorming welcome. I suggested this rally to the NYFR; suggestions and interactions help us move ahead. As Michael says, this is a BIG one……..
    Ava Paloma, Teacher, Artist, Writer, Activist, founder NYACAE


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