A Glimpse Inside of the Citywide Panel’s Black Box

We see what goes in the box, we see what comes out of the box, but not what happens IN the box! Until now Critical in-depth analysis of the 7-hour deposition Religious Exemptions to Vaccination in NYC from EDUCATORS for FREEDOM 6-7-22 There are 2 major cases filed by NYC workers fired for declining covidContinue reading “A Glimpse Inside of the Citywide Panel’s Black Box”

Smoking Gun in Lawsuits for Fired NYC Workers?

Did a 7 hour deposition reveal evidence that NYC violated the Constitution when firing NYC workers? Watch interview of our attorneys Sujata Gibson & Barry Black on GOOD MORNING CHD by Michael Kane 6-6-22 There are two lawsuits against NYC we are monitoring closely – Kane v. de Blasio and New Yorkers for Religious LibertyContinue reading “Smoking Gun in Lawsuits for Fired NYC Workers?”

LAWSUIT UPDATE – Deposition May 24

from Michael Kane My long-term followers are very well aware of the case KANE vs DE BLASIO as well as our “twin” case KEIL vs NYC. Both are challenging the legitimacy of the religious exemption to vaccination process for educators in the NYC DOE. However there is another critical case doing the exact same thingContinue reading “LAWSUIT UPDATE – Deposition May 24”