Health Committee Meeting In Suffolk County, Long Island 7-21-22

Thursday, July 21, at 2pm

The Suffolk County legislative meeting room, 725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Building 20, Smithtown, New York 11787



This Thursday, July 21st at 2pm there will be a Health Committee meeting of the local Suffolk County legislative body and you can register to make public comments. You can comment on any topic related to public health and submit written comments and documentation into the official record. Comments can be made in-person, via ZOOM or emailed into the record.

This legislative body is a friendly group. The politics in Suffolk County have shifted to where it is readily understood – especially by Republicans – that politicians who support mandates will not be elected or reelected. There is a solid, strong, anti-mandate vote in Suffolk County today and everyone is well aware of this fact. These electeds are potential friends and allies, but they need to be educated on our issues.

So sign up to speak, provide quality documentation to back up what you have to say (that’s critical), and share it with these elected officials.

Below is what Greg Fischer posted about this public comment event (Thank you to Fischer for alerting so many of in our community about this important public comment meeting)


Who wants to go to the Suffolk County Legislature HEALTH COMMITTEE to also speak against the “Shots for Tots” program?  

Thursday, July 21. 2022 at 2 pm —- mark your calendar….. The Suffolk County legislative meeting room, 725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Building 20, Smithtown, New York 11787 —- Located in a complex with numerous other government buildings.

You will speak in a public portion at the beginning of the meeting.  You will be allowed to talk freely for three minute session (more if you’re asked questions by the legislators).   Consider working with other speakers if you have a long issue to develop in your discussion.  Also, If our speakers work together then they can set an agenda —- And even provide an outline of the topics to be covered. You can also submit exhibits, written comments, and other evidence with your speech —— your official testimony. 

The event is broadcast livestream —- and, it is available for rebroadcast later.

Speaking is done by registration and registration is open until the meeting commences. (Details on the registration will follow in the next post.)


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