Follow the rules but don’t follow stupid rules

by Michael Kane


Jordan Peterson is commonly known to make profound statements, and this is one of them:

“Follow the rules, but don’t follow stupid rules.”

For Peterson the stupid rule was “compelled speech” in Canada and the University system. For me the stupid rule was NYC’s vaccine mandate to maintain employment. I was fired for breaking that stupid rule and now I’m suing NYC. Peterson was vilified and attacked on a global scale for breaking his stupid rule. (I think I made out better than he; least so far).

“You have to be willing to take the consequences” when you decide to break a stupid rule, according to Peterson. But you must also realize “there’s consequences to not standing up to stupid rules too. And if you think those consequences are lesser, than you suffer from the delusion that there is an easy path through life.”

There is no easy pathway in life, especially in a life worth living; a life of purpose. Nevertheless I have followed stupid rules before because I had determined that the consequences of breaking those stupid rules were worse than the consequences of following them. But it was James Corbett who said “Know your line and know it now” when the covid pandemic struck, and that deeply resonated with me.

What was my line?

Was it being forced to wear a mask?

Was it being forced to take a covid test?

Was it being forced to stay inside of my home?

It was none of those. For me, it was the shot.

THE SHOT was my line. The other stupid rules I (somewhat) complied with as I was not willing to deal with the consequences that came with breaking those stupid rules. So while I followed some of those stupid rules, and broke some of them without being outwardly defiant where consequences were certain to fall upon me, I prepared myself for the day when The State was certain to cross my line. The State was certain to tell me I must inject an experimental product into my body in order to keep teaching children with disabilities in NYC. I prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for when this inevitable time came, and it was only because of that preparation that I was able to say



NO I will not follow your stupid rule for your stupid paycheck and your stupid slavery. Many were unable to say NO. For many the “stupid paycheck” was hardly stupid at all. And I get it. I do. And I pray deeply for those who had to face the consequences of following the stupid rule; and I only hope that they still believe the price they paid via compliance remains the lesser evil for them.

But for me, today, I am very, very satisfied that I said NO to the stupid rule.

2 thoughts on “Follow the rules but don’t follow stupid rules

  1. Well said Michael & keep fighting the good fight! There are many like us willing to stand up for what we believe in like integrity and the ability to walk the walk! Godspeed!


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