NYC DOH Signals No Covid Vax Mandate for NYC Schools

***UPDATE – Just a few hours after we published this report the CDC announced a massive loosening of its recommended covid restrictions and mandates. This is all political in preparation for the November elections. – mk

by Michael Kane


The New York City Department of Health (NYC DOH) has sent a signal that the covid shot will not be required to attend school this September.

Two days ago NYC DOH sent a letter to parents strongly encouraging them to get all children 6 months and older vaccinated for covid. They informed parents that the vaccine clinics around the city have covid shots as well as all other childhood vaccines. The letter is craftly worded in a way that it may trick some parents into thinking the covid shot is mandatory to attend school. The letter states:

COVID-19 vaccines and other vaccines, including those required for child care and school, can be given at the same medical visit.

If parents read that sentence too quickly, they may come away thinking the covid shot is required for child care and school.

Today is August 11th and this letter was sent just two days ago. School starts in less than a month. Why is NYC DOH saying children “should” be vaccinated if they are about to make it mandatory? And when will the mandate be announced?

While there is a slim (very slim) chance Mayor Eric Adams may mandate a covid shot for children 12 and up, as recently happened in Washington DC., it is unlikely.

DC’s covid shot mandate has been criticized by the Washington Post as racist and out of step with the entire nation. Kathy Hochul is trying to win the gubernatorial election this November, and hundreds of NY Democrats running for office are fearful of a red wave in this midterm election.

In addition The NY Times recently reported that their is a new group of single issue voters whose sole issue is getting rid of all mandates that may swing elections this year. Just three days after that Times article Newsday interviewed me as a leading voice of these single issue voters now backing Congressman Lee Zeldin to be the next Governor of New York.

While there is a slim chance Adams will mandate a covid shot for kids 12 years old and up, it is microscopically slim at this point, and every day that passes is another nail in the coffin of a September covid shot mandate in NYC>

But if Hochul wins in November, you better believe that changes everything. She must go!

Read the entire NYC DOH letter:

One thought on “NYC DOH Signals No Covid Vax Mandate for NYC Schools

  1. Note how they’re pushing doubling/trippling up on various jabs “at the same medical visit”!

    Never advisable: when there’s a reaction — Heaven forfend! — no one knows which one to blame. Also, it’s a big load on someone’s immune system all at once, especially for a child, to take several (or even just two) jabs of this sort “at the same medical visit”!

    Shame on them!


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