NY Gov Hochul Wants Her Quarantine Camp Regulation Back

She lost it in 2022, but plans to appeal in 2023 by Michael Kane 1-16-23 Governor Kathy Hochul has made it clear she intends to fight to get back her quarantine camp regulation. This regulation was beaten down by attorney Bobbie Anne Cox last year, and would allow the Governor to detain anyone indefinitely atContinue reading “NY Gov Hochul Wants Her Quarantine Camp Regulation Back”

Medical Freedom in Harlem, NYC

by Michael Kane 8-18-22 Wednesday August 17, 2022 was a spiritual experience for me uptown in NYC’s Harlem. The architect of that spiritual experience was Children’s Health Defense, the documentarians were Carlos Von Der Heyde of Souls of a Movement, Olivia Braccio, and the angels were all of my NYC Freedom Fighters. The feeling wasContinue reading “Medical Freedom in Harlem, NYC”

Medical Freedom Education in Harlem 8-11-22

We need your help! Come help us educate the good people Uptown in Harlem on NY Governor Kathy Hochul’s QUARANTINE CAMP Regulation The regulation was recently beaten down in court, however Hochul has directed Attorney General Letisha James to appeal the decision. Hochul needs her Quarantine Camps! And we need to stop this! *** ComeContinue reading “Medical Freedom Education in Harlem 8-11-22”

Bobbie Anne Cox talks “Covid Camps” with Lee Zeldin

by Michael Kane 7-29-22 On Sunday, July 24 Lee Zeldin’s “SAVE OUR STATE” bus tour stopped for a rally in Westchester where Assemblyman Mike Lawler spoke and mentioned Uniting NYS’s recent victory in court. “It was really fantastic to hear Mike Lawler talk about our win against Kathy Hochul in court,” said attorney Bobbie AnneContinue reading “Bobbie Anne Cox talks “Covid Camps” with Lee Zeldin”

Governor Gulag is Back!

Kathy Hocul IS #GovernorGulag Does anyone remember when the Democrats would be raging mad that due process would be taken away from citizens? That locking people up just on an unproven suspicion with no evidence was unconstitutional and illegal?? Well them-days are gone! Instead now the Democrats are spending taxpayer money to fight against AttorneyContinue reading “Governor Gulag is Back!”

Great News! Hochul’s Covid Camps regulation struck down by Court!

by John Gilmore 7-9-22 Yesterday afternoon a New York State Superior Court Judge struck down a regulation issued by Governor Kathy Hochul earlier this year that gave herself sweeping new powers to arrest and detain indefinitely anybody suspected of exposure to Covid or any other communicable disease.  “This is a great victory for the ruleContinue reading “Great News! Hochul’s Covid Camps regulation struck down by Court!”