NYC Workers Denied Injunction in Federal Court Appeal to 2nd Circuit

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Joins Our Legal Team

From Michael Kane


***ALERT*** We rally at City Hall Thursday, August 25th. NOW is the time to make demands on NYC! Get all information HERE


This new development is big. VERY big!

New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) represents NYC workers fired for declining covid vaccination. Their emergency injunction filed back in February was just denied in August, so our attorneys are appealing to the 2nd Circuit. The appeal is good news, but it’s not the BIG news. The BIG news is who we are appealing with.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is the most prominent religious liberty law firm in the nation. They have argued successfully in the Supreme Court 13 times! And now they join Children’s Health Defense (contracting the Gibson Law Firm) as well as Nelson Madden Black to make up what might be the finest legal team one could dream of to defend a workers right to a religious exemption to vaccination.

The very first set of facts mentioned in the appeal brief is the new CDC guidance which essentially destroys any notion that a vaccine mandate is required for public safety. Read the appeal in the attached pdf document.


2 thoughts on “NYC Workers Denied Injunction in Federal Court Appeal to 2nd Circuit

  1. The Marines won their religious exemptions. Please God let us win ours. Free us from the horror of the Nazi NYCDOE. Freedom oh God. Freedom.


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