BREAKING: KANE v DE BLASIO Appeals to 2nd Circuit Court!

ADF Joins as Co-Counsel!

from Michael Kane


Judge Naomi Buchwald, whose last public financial disclosure showed she owned up to $250,000 in Pfizer stock, dismissed Kane v. de Blasio with prejudice from the Southern District Court. That is now a final decision in the lower court. In light of this, our attorneys filed an appeal to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals just last night along with our new co-counsel on the case Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)

Last week I announced ADF joined the legal team for New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) v. City of New York when that case appealed to the 2nd Circuit. This week ADF officially joins the KANE case as well as its sister lawsuit Keil v. NYC.

Recall KANE / KEIL represents NYC teachers and educators, NYFRL represents all NYC employees. Both cases represent NYC employees who have been denied religious exemptions to vaccination and were removed from their jobs because of this.

This passed Sunday night I gave a legal update on my Instagram account which is still very relevant and current. Go check it out (start watching at the 5:10 mark) here:

AND Read the KANE / KEIL appeal here:


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