I’m asking for a favor…VOTE ZELDIN

Below is the email I am sending to every New Yorker I know personally who is a Democrat, lefty, or who has never voted for a Republican before (like me). It is important we ALL do some version of this – mk


I am writing to ask for a favor. I ask you to consider doing something drastic on November 8th – vote Republican. If you can’t do that, vote on the Conservative line.

I have never in my life voted for a Republican, but that will change on November 8th when I vote for LEE ZELDIN to be the next Governor or NY.

If Zeldin is elected I may get my job back as a teacher.

I was fired for declining covid vaccination and Democratic leadership in NY all fell in line to make the vaccine mandatory – especially Kathy Hochul.

Since we know the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission it is clear this mandate was ineffective and unnecessary. Throughout the country and the world mandates are being dropped; healthcare workers, firefighters and teachers are all being brought back to their jobs…

…but not in New York City.

Lee Zeldin has pledged to get all the fired and banned workers back to their jobs. He has also pledged that he will NOT change the state’s abortion laws (which he couldn’t do even if he wanted to).

I have never asked anyone to vote for a specific candidate ever in my life, but I am asking now because the future of my family depends on it.

I love New York, and I don’t want to leave.

New Yorkers are fleeing the state at record numbers, crime is rampant and being ignored, and the Democratic Super Majority behaves like LORD OF THE FLIES in Albany. We need balance back in our lawmaking in New York, and that is what Zeldin will bring.

Lastly — Zeldin is NOT Trump. 

I never voted for Trump, and doubt I ever will. Lee Zeldin is a true statesman who is not poisonous with his tongue. I know because I’ve spoken with him numerous times. I stood on the steps of City Hall in NYC when I endorsed him with DEMOCRATS FOR ZELDIN. He spoke of how Kathy Hochul said he wasn’t a real New Yorker and should “move to Florida” even though he was born and raised here. His response was even though he disagrees with Hochul on just about everything he would never tell her to leave the state: she is a New Yorker too, and when he becomes Governor he will have to represent her along with 19 million other New Yorkers. 

Vote for Lee Zeldin on November 8th

Thank you for your time.


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