KANE / KEIL / NYFRL Apply for Emergency Injunction in SCOTUS

by Michael Kane


The KANE / KEIL / NYFRL cases applied for an emergency injunction with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) today.

These cases all challenge NYC’s religious exemption to vaccination policy as being illegal and unconstitutional, and seek to return all unvaccinated NYC employees back to their jobs.

Our attorneys applied for an emergency injunction in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that was denied in October. The case remains in the 2nd Circuit to be argued on the merits, however the timeline of the case is uncertain, as NYC has until November 13th to reply to plaintiffs’ briefs and a decision from the court may not come until December, January or later.

This emergency application does not represent the final chance for these cases to appeal to SCOTUS. Even if this emergency appeal is denied, the KANE / KEIL / NYFRL cases may still appeal to the highest court in the country if deemed necessary in the future.

Last week a group of sanitation workers made national news when a state justice struck down NYC’s vaccine mandate as arbitrary, capricious and unconstitutional. However NYC immediately appealed that decision and not one fired NYC worker has gotten their job back due to that case at this time. There are multiple cases in New York still fighting against the vaccine mandate for city workers in NYC.


Federal cases: Kane v. De Blasio, Keil v. NYC, New Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) v. NYC: all have been consolidated

Co-Counsels: Children’s Health Defense, Gibson Law Firm, Nelson Madden Black, Alliance Defending Freedom

Read brief to SCOTUS in attached file:

3 thoughts on “KANE / KEIL / NYFRL Apply for Emergency Injunction in SCOTUS

  1. I pray for success with this. I refused the C19″Vax” and have not been allowed to return to work at The Grand Tier restaurant inside The Met Opera in N.Y.C.. I really need my job back. My religious accommodation request in which my health issue were discussed was not accepted. The parent company is Delaware North/patina Group whose in-house counsel is N.Y. State Governor Hochul’s husband. The Casual Cruelty of these “Mandates’ reminds me of Hannah Arendt’s comment regarding The Banality of Evil. As continued evidence emerges, those of who refused will be vindicated and there will, likewise, be much vaccine regret among those who were fooled. Please God intercede and thwart this World-Wide Evil.


  2. I’m a NYCDOE teacher and I’m being forced out…slowly. Last year I was on a Medical exemption and this year I was denied. I’ve been paid 3 checks under $100. The last correspondence that I received from DOE was to be mandatory vaccinated by October 31. Nothing since, except a check under $50.


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