UPDATE: KANE / KEIL / NYFRL Cases Reply Brief and Letter to the Court

from Michael Kane


Our legal team has replied to NYC’s filings in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. The court appears poised to schedule the next oral argument for the case in March of 2023.

In response to this our attorneys have filed a motion to expedite with the court asking to be given the next available court date. Up until now the court has been responsive to giving expedited dates for our cases. This is the first time the court seems to be regarding our case in a non-expedited fashion.

Both the reply from our attorneys and their recent letter to the court are included as pdf attachments below. We will post more information as we get it.


Federal cases: Kane v. De BlasioKeil v. NYCNew Yorkers for Religious Liberty (NYFRL) v. NYC: all have been consolidated

Co-Counsels: Children’s Health Defense, Gibson Law Firm, Nelson Madden Black, Alliance Defending Freedom


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