Hochul’s Healthcare Blunder on NBC Goes Viral on Twitter

Did a viral tweet force Hochul and NY DOH to file appeal against unvaccinated healthcare workers?

by Michael Kane


New York Governor Kathy Hochul blundered a response when asked why she was not allowing unvaccinated healthcare workers to reapply for their jobs after a court struck down her vaccine mandate for such workers. The blunder happened on a local NBC affiliate in Rochester New York from reporter Jennifer Lewke.

In under 24 hours the tweet hit 500,000 views and Hochul filed an appeal to the court decision which begs the question…Did Hochul’s on-camera blunder force the timing of the appeal?

All of us in the NY Medical Freedom community paying attention knew an appeal was near certain, but Hochul had taken the very odd step of waiting 11 days with no appeal and continuing to defy the court order. Hundreds (if not thousands) of unvaccinated New York healthcare workers began to ask for job interviews, and when denied, some wrote letters putting hospitals on legal notice that they were in violation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that guarantees protections of religious freedoms. Former congressional candidate John Matland was one such worker.

To me – and some in my circle – it appeared Hochul was delaying, trying to run out the clock of the grace period for appeal which is 30 days. Why? I personally believe during this time period Attorney General Tish James and her cadre of lawyers were tasked to come up with the best arguments they could muster on appeal.

The problem is none likely exists.

Judge Gerard J. Neri struck down the vaccine mandate for two main reasons – first, because it is plainly illegal for the New York State Department of Health (NY DOH) to issue a vaccine mandate. Attorney Sujata Gibson has correctly argued that while a LOCAL board of health (such as NYC) may have the authority to issue a vaccine mandate, on the state level that is expressly forbidden and only the legislature holds such authority. This is statutorily documented.

So how will Hochul and her AG Tish James argue out of that one?

Of course I’m speculating here, but I believe Hochul was going to run out the 30 day clock on appeal in order to allow as much time as possible for the AG’s office to try to abracadabra an argument,

…but then came Jennifer Lewke who forced Hochul to embarrass herself on a local NBC affiliate. That may have not been so bad, except it went viral on Twitter.

And boy did Hochul look dumb. Real dumb!

She revealed she has no clue that the covid vaccine does not prevent transmission of the SARS CoV-2 virus (this was the second reason the court struck down her mandate). She revealed that she lives in a fantasy world that it is safer to have an understaffed hospital then it is to have a fully staffed hospital with some unvaccinated workers. She also revealed that she has no clue that the CDC has recommended that vaccinated and unvaccinated people be treated no differently.

Is it possible that the timing of this viral embarrassment has nothing to do with the timing of the appeal? For 11 days Hochul and her DOH had been breaking the law by ignoring a valid court order which had struck down their vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. Hochul and NY DOH had no problem with such criminality as long as the media didn’t shine a light on it.

That ended with Jennifer Lewke.

And while many of my colleagues have criticized Lewke for not following up with Hochul about the fact that the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission I don’t believe that is really the issue. 1 million Twitter user have taken care of that problem – most notably Dr. Peter McCullough retweeted Lewke’s tweet basically assuring it will soar past 1 million views some time today.

What Lewke did was focus on how her community was hurting. Lewke told Hochul “there are ambulances waiting 5 hours at our local emergency rooms to unload patients” and asked why she wouldn’t rehire unvaccinated workers.

THAT is real journalism. THAT is a question that directly impacts Lewke’s local community in Rochester, NY.

And THAT is the critical question:


Good work Jennifer Lewke!


UPDATE The Hill Rising reports on Hochul’s big blunder:

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