NYC Mayor Eric Adams “ends” Vaccine Mandate


Feb 19, Washington DC

Michael Kane interviews Sophy Medina and Brendan Fogarty, firefighters with as well as John Deluca of

After that interview Kane speaks to Angela McArdle, the National Chair of the Libertarian Party to discuss RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE in Washington DC on February 19th.

Watch full episode here –

11 thoughts on “NYC Mayor Eric Adams “ends” Vaccine Mandate

  1. How about teachers who were forced to resign in order to get CAR money, since they were the breadwinners of their family? We were told we could not seek employment elsewhere on lwop. After the deadline to choose, they backtracked on that. It was too late for some, we already signed.


      1. No answer at this point – keep following the cases. FIRST we need to win the case. This question is too specific to have any answer to right now. We do have plaintiffs who were forced to resign on our case. IF they win it wil set precedent and we will seek to form a class. Keep watching our cases at this website


  2. Just another slap in the face to all City workers that refused to get injected. 25 years in the DOE no way will I start over. What the city did to us is illegal and we are owed our back pay and damages.


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