ACTION ALERT! – Support NYC Bills to Protect Workers and Students!

STOP Dangerous Mandates from Ever Happening in NYC Again!

Vickie Paladino Submits Bills in City Council that Need Our Support


Complete action to contact City Council Members here:


Now that Eric Adams has “ended” the vaccine mandate in NYC, we need to make sure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! That is what Vickie Paladino’s package of 4 bills will do. Support them now!

NYC Take Action: Support NYC bills to protect your family’s medical rights

New York City Council Member Vickie Paladino is fighting for the fired workers who declined COVID vaccination, our school children, and the future of New York City.  She has introduced a package of 4 bills into city council to do this, and we need your help to get members of City Council to co-sponsor the bills.

Please click on the following link to send a message to your New York City Councilmember asking him or her to so-sponsor these important bills.

4 thoughts on “ACTION ALERT! – Support NYC Bills to Protect Workers and Students!

  1. I totally support protecting medical rights and religious for every resident of NYC in every sector public and private by upholding the constitution. Vicky Paladins you are in the right side of history with theses four Bills to end all these mandates in NYC in perpetuity. Thank you


  2. There is no logical, moral or medical reason to mandate any COVID vaccines for anyone. The blind, uninformed decisions to force such mandates suggests corruption. or ignorance. Such baseless mandates that caused unnecessary hardship, along with selective censorship that favored pharmaceutical and hospital corporations, should NOT happen ever again.


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