Chaos Agents: Themis Report Author Revealed

Critical new interview and Substack

If you care about the integrity of the Medical Freedom Movement at the grassroots level, this interview is a MUST WATCH!

As we are in a moment where crucial voices in Medical Freedom are highlighting the importance of 5th Generation Warfare, but also declaring we must have unquestioned unity or our movement will fall apart, a close analysis of what is moving under the carpet is certainly in order.

Kristin Elizabeth steps forward as the primary author of The Themis Report, a critical investigation into Chaos Agents who have worked to thwart the best efforts of Medical Freedom grassroots organizers. She is also the author of a new Substack titled BEYOND THE MAZE.

The interview covers

  • Astro turf interference into the Medical Freedom Movement
  • The role Ukraine plays in American intel operations
  • “White Lives Matter” psy-ops
  • Clarification that Robert Malone made no contribution to The Themis Report
  • Carolina Bonita
  • How Bonita seemingly hijacked a large Telegram channel of Peter McCullough’s
  • America’s Front Line Doctors
  • …and much more…

Watch the interview by clicking right -> here

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