SAY NO to Quarantine Camps Rally in Harlem NYC 3-1-23

March 1st, 12 noon at the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Office Building 163 W. 125 St. in Harlem, NYC


Last year attorney Bobbie Anne Cox beat Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Tish James in court which struck Hochul’s “Quarantine Camp Regulation” from the books. This was a regulation that allowed the Governor to detain anyone suspected of having any disease, with no proof, for an unspecified period of time, with no due process or procedure for getting released.

Thank god Hochul lost in court!


Hochul & James are poised to appeal and only have 2 weeks left till their appeal must be submitted to the court. Get all the updated information on the lawsuit by watching my interview of Bobbie Anne Cox and NY State Senator George Borrello on Good Morning CHD.

Last summer we went to Tish James office building to rally and hand out flyers educating the good people of Harlem on the horrendous reality of this situation. Now we are going back on March 1st, 12 noon to the Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Office Building on 125 St. in Harlem.


3 thoughts on “SAY NO to Quarantine Camps Rally in Harlem NYC 3-1-23

  1. I am on my way there! The potential for tyranny, abject, horrific, tyranny. in A416; et. al., is “self-evident” to any elementary school pupil. And now that the truth is slowly emerging about the origins of Sarscov2, the worthlessness of the C19 vaccines, and, moreover, their potential dangers, the anti-science of lockdowns and other pandemic measure, this is not the time to retreat from resistance to this, well, madness.


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